Monday, April 29, 2013

CELETEQUE Multi-benefit BB Cream

As I have told you that I had finished a whole tube of my past BB cream (which I really love), I thought that I should try a new one. So here I was looking around the drug store, I found Celeteque having one of the best names in skin care having their very own BB cream. I don't know what to expect because this is the first time I'm going to try this brand. Anyway, so I tried it and here's what I have to say.
It comes in a 30ml tube that costs less than 300pesos. It can be bought at any drugstore in malls nearest you. It can be applied as a moisturizer solely or as a make up base. It has a yellow undertone which is great for most Filipino skin types. 

Notice that it is very easy to apply, very blendable and leaves the skin with a dewy finish (as seen by the shine on the side with the BB cream). It gives sheer coverage and can be build up to medium to heavy coverage when set with powder. It so blendable that it disappears thru your skin while maintaining its power to unify the tone of your face. The max time I notice its staying power is up to almost 6 hours only. So this is not advisable for long wear, but it is definitely safe to use everyday. Have you tried this one? Tell me what you think and leave a comment below! Thanks for your time! ;)


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