Thursday, August 9, 2012

RED RIBBON Sansrival: Sibling Faves

Sometimes, my brother and I meet up at SM just so we could go home together. This time he went to National Bookstore to buy a card for her girlfriend which he always does every month. We kept on arguing about him having a relationship because ever since he started dating that girl, his academic grades literally goes down the drain. I kept on telling him that it' ok to have a girlfriend, as long as it doesn't interfere with his studies. But I guess he so used to that sermon, he just let it pass by.

Anyway, I love my brother and we have a lot of interest & likes. Like when we saw the huge electrical fan hanging at the ceiling in the middle of SM Dasma, we immediately thought of the movie Final Destination. When we encounter a funny situation we usually quote a movie *commonly used lines: White Chicks movie* Lately, when we passed by the store of Red ribbon, we simultaneously said SANSRIVAL! We love the Red Ribbon's Sansrival because it's so delicious even though it is pricey.
Look at how thin this yummy sansrival is. My brother kept saying: YOLO. It means, You Only Live Once. We actually love how this statement is very viral abroad but still hasn't bloom in our country. Anyway, this piece of heaven is worth 24pesos. Still pricey but I just wanted to have some sweets. What are the foods you just can't resist and you can't help but say YOLO! Thanks for your time. :)


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