Wednesday, May 1, 2013

It all ends here...

As science have taught us, to always cling to cold hard facts. Use every possible theory that has been appraised through evidence based data. All things have a molecular explanation, all thing can be explained by the book. If it can't be explained, people will try to find other subjects to support an idea. That's how we, health professionals, are brought up. When you die, that's the end of it. No pulse, no breathing. Just a cold hard empty body. Then it will soon decay and all that's left will be bones.

On the other side of death, there is faith. There is religion and there is an almighty power over us that gets us through life. GOD. Yes, I do believe in Him. He works miracles, when you can't talk to anyone about your problems, He's the one to talk to. It is with Him, our souls go to after our life here on earth. We live in heaven for that's what He had promised through the proclamation of His son Jesus.

Why am I talking about this? A fourth year medical student of De La Salle has been gunned down by unknown suspects, in his very own dormitory. Mark Oliveros, as described by his fellow to be a good man. (Read a short news here). There are rumors that the suspects are under the influence of illegal drugs, they raped another student of a different dorm, started a fight before heading to the dormitories. The list of rumors are endless, no one knew what really happened, the police are still investigating the case and no one is coming up to be a witness. 

First, I kept on wondering why people take illegal drugs. Masarap ang bawal, ika nga. My mind is searching for reasonable answers like, do they need these to keep them awake for an exam, or they need this fro sexual pleasure, or they need it to boost self esteem? I have no idea and I have no plan on knowing further.

Second, I should be blaming the guards on that particular village where it's all dormitories and 90% are students. Dapat may rumoronda dun bawat gabi. And if they heard a gunshot, they must've run towards the source and might have found men running away from the scene. Anyone could enter that village even if you don't have an ID.

Third, there might be witnesses. But I know they are too scared to show up, I can't blame them. I would also be scared if I see that kind of scene. I mean I see then in the news, TV series, movies, etc. But I haven't seen one in real life, and I hope I don't encounter this kind of thing.

Fourth, we are med-students. We are sleep deprived. We forget simple things like combing our hair, putting on different socks and even locking the door. Please, to everyone reading this. Be safe.

Fifth, I don't know what's gotten into people these days. They seem not to have a care at all in the society. In my perception, most people only care about themselves. Maybe that's just my opinion, but that's how I see people in our class every single day.

Mark Oliveros, I hope you find justice. I hope suspects be bothered by their conscience. I hope witnesses show up. I can't place my hopes on the police because my generalization about them isn't so good, I can't trust guards either because I've encountered many rude ones around. I believe there is still a God who cares and will put an end through all of these. I believe He will find a way and I'm hoping it is soon.


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