Friday, April 26, 2013


And because you all know I love milk teas, here's another milk tea post for you! I have recently tried Dakasi because it's located at The District Mall in Imus, Cavite. It's the Ayala mall made closer to the Cavitenos. I have been there for like 3x already. We just go there if there is something to celebrate like end of a hellweek, or we did a great job on a project, we finished our thesis and things like that. My group of friends don't usually go (all-out) to malls without an occassion. Ok let's talk about my new milk tea adventure.

They have a wide range of milk teas. The one I ordered is the Okinawa Milk Tea which is the same as all of the Okinawa milk tea of different brands, caramel flavored. I added pearls, the staff suggested that I try egg pudding so I did. WOW! Both add-ons are terrific. The pearl is chewy and it's not clumped like some of the milk teas I have tried, and it tastes really good. Maybe because the pearl shelf life would not extend to more than 3 hours. The egg pudding was so yummy, it was like I was eating Leche Flan. OMG! That's how good that egg pudding is, it's thick and has the right sweetness. One time, I have tried the Matcha Brown Rice Milk tea. Matcha is green tea, I don't like green tea because for me it tastes like grass. Lasang damo lang talaga yung mga green tea na natitikman ko. Oh well, it taste good and I was not disappointed in trying this one out. Maybe the pearl and egg pudding covered the grass-like taste of the matcha.
Photo from Dakasi Philippines Facebook page
They have a wide range of drinks to offer. They have cold drinks like:

  • Specialty drinks = these teas are what Dakasi is known for
  • Special Milk tea = yup, the usual milk tea with different flavors
  • Matcha Tea = you got it! green tea it is
  • Iced tea = name implies, it is iced tea
  • Iced Drinks = these are fresh fruit juices on ice
  • Fresh Tea = yup, the usual tea in a bag
  • Fresh Yoghurt drinks = all teas that end in "au lait"
  • Smoothies = yum yum!
  • Yakult Tea = you doesn't love yakult!
And they also serve hot drinks, practically the same list. You just have to order it hot.  I haven't tried having hot mik teas, I wonder what they taste like. The price range from 90-100pesos depending on the size you're going to order. The add-ons are pearls, red bean, grass jelly, coconut jelly, chocolate pudding and egg pudding. It ranges from 10-25 pesos. I'm definitely sure, you'll love this milk tea. If you have tried this, please share your experience in the comment box below. I wanna know what milk tea to try next! ;) 


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