Saturday, November 3, 2012

100k for What?!

First semester had ended and second semester just around the corner. I sound like I'm announcing the coming of a holiday, well this second semester might be a holiday: HALLOWEEN!!! Just take a look at the subjects we will be getting. Are you ready?
1. Bioethics II -seriously?
2. Community Medicine II -I'm deeply hoping our thesis will turn out ok
3. Microbiology -nothing beats Malassezia Furfur! Is that even correct?
4. Internal Medicine -what could be more interesting than a migraine without pain? I guess seizure without aura would suffice.
5. OB-Gynecology -vajayjay on the way!
6. Pathology -are your ovaries in the right place now?
7. Physical Diagnosis -I've been doing this for like forever!!! err
8. Pediatrics -so embryology, we meet again
9. Pharmacology -I didn't like you when I was in nursing, you almost got me kicked out of the program! I hate you.
10.Psychiatry -I wonder why it's hard for them to explain it in real life situation than our nursing reviewers
11.Surgery -all for the glory of McDreamy and McSteamy

And can you please note the Affiliation Fee that we still don't need because we are not even exposed to real patients, less exposed to other hospital. Can someone explain this to me? And athletics, PRISAA! Is that even necessary? I haven't even been to animo center lately. Insurance for what? My classmates who are rushed to the Emergency Room still have to pay just to get medical attention. INTERNET FEE?!?!!? How can we even maximize internet fee if our new med building doesn't have internet connection. Crazy huh? Unless someone explain this to me or I'll just continuously rant.

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