Monday, July 30, 2012

Not right

I know it's not actually right to talk about relationship problems on public pages but I just want to talk about this in my blog. Last June 20, 2012, I found out things that are not practically nice about my Alvin. Uhmmm. Let's just say that he's being too friendly with a lot of girls on YM and on FB. How did I know? I just got an instinct. Maybe because when we are chatting, I can see him typing at the webcam but nothing appears on my chatbox with him. So I asked him if he's chatting with someone else, because I can log out just to give him time to chat with that person. But he kept saying that he's not chatting with anyone, and that's when I decided to hack his account.

I know it's not right to invade his privacy but that's when I learned about the girls he's been chatting with. That night, my heart literally broke that I wasn't been able to cry over it. I keep on telling myself that Alvin didn't deserve to be cried on. And decided to end it all up through a text. I just said, "I thought we were bestfriends and we won't hide anything from each other. Guess I was wrong, I'm ending our relationship as a couple tonight. I don't understand why you did that for almost a year and still answer me with a NO whenever I ask if there is other girls besides me."

I told my friends about it and they felt about what Alvin did. Sure, 3 years of a seemingly happy relationship is gone just like that. They are also quite angry at him and told me not to get back together with him. I also told them that, I broke up with him but I can still feel that I'm insanely inlove with him. CRAAAAAZZZYYY!! I know!!

For more than a month now, I treat him as a common friend. He lied to me but I still think that karma will have his way someday. We haven't seen each other since June because I've been busy with school and I just can't afford to see him asking for forgiveness. One day, he asked me to have a dinner at Sbarro. I love pizza and Sbarro is a great place for that. I told him that I don't have a budget for that but he said it'll be his treat. I ended up saying yes, maybe because I missed looking at his face and of course I wanted some great tasting pizza.
I know it's not right to get back with him after what he's done. But life is short, laugh more and forgive easily because we can't be happy if we are carrying grudges within ourselves. I'm still thinking of second chances. I mean, he already said sorry and he won't do it again. I think he'll be worth the risk of a second chance. What can you say? uhmm. Leave some advice at the comment box below. Thank you for your time. ;)


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