Thursday, June 7, 2012

Real Friends will drive you crazy

One of my friends, Carlo, had been talking about having a dorm comfortable like a house ever since we were 1st year med students. Let's take a moment of silence to appreciate his picture (wala nga daw pwede icompare sa level ng pagka pogi niya.) 
And now, the time has come to visit his place at Deerland. And wow, indeed it looks like a small comfy room. He has a playmat, where we sit just to have lunch. And of course obligatory picture taking took place. He also has a shoe rack, where his shoes (not school shoes apparently) are kept. And just across his dorm is a pretty huge tree (creepy right?)
Pardon the faces. We were just having fun talking to Stef since she just entered Med school when I set my cam on timer then shouted PICTURE!!! I love these guys, friends made my 1st year med school experience awesome. I wouldn't have reached the Dean's list without their help. I mean it. 

These guys are THE BOMBS, let's include Carlo because he's not in the picture. These guys are all you need to get through med school. Why? Here are some reasons why:
*they are fun to be with (no boring moments)
*they push you to study and be better at everything
*they wait for us to go home before they head to their dorms
*they are disappointed when we don't go with them
*they would fight us over lunch places
*they will give in to what we want to eat
*they would treat us snacks just so we could accompany them
*they always ask if we needed something
*they maximize the time to study with us
*they help us review subject that we are finding it hard to understand
*they help us in our things (especially when our bags are SUPER heavy)
*they protect us from evil things
*they always have sermons whenever we become too landi
*they always check our manners (walking & eating)
*they always check that we need to be more feminine
I could go on forever why we love these boys, and I'm glad we met all of them. They contributed to our growth in med school. We all passed and became 2nd years, proves to it that they are not just friend who you can rely on gimiks. They help you become the best you'll ever be. Anyway, this might have gone far too long. To my girl friends, if you still have anything to add feel free to list them on the comment box below! ;))


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