Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I BELIEVE: Princess Amy

Princess Amy, do you remember her? I blogged about her amazing talent to create make up looks that are way beyond what I could possibly imagine. If you haven't seen what she can do, CLICK THIS LINK to be able to read my post about her. Anyway, let's move on to what I'm going to tell you about. Lately, I asked her if she could put up a statement to inspire other people. And here's what she came up with...
I love makeup! It gives me confidence. A lot of people say that I'm pretty. (Thanks!) Some say I'm only pretty when I have makeup on. Some say they don't recognize me when I'm not wearing makeup. Some say I should wear makeup every time so I will always look pretty. Yes, makeup makes me pretty but I BELIEVE I'M BEAUTIFUL EVEN WITHOUT MAKEUP. Natural beauty is always the best! It's not about the physical appearance; it's what you are inside. I appreciate what God has given me and I don't and I won't let anyone bring me down. :)

This girl is certified beautiful inside and out. I cannot add more than what she already said, I think it is sufficient for all the girls to appreciate themselves more. I say, love yourself first before you can truly love another. Anyway, share your thoughts, what do you believe in? Inspire others. Join!


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