Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Costume Committee

Last year, I have joined the production team of our batch during an event. It's where you have to learn a choreography of song and perform it. Yup, on stage performers. I decided to play a small part since we have plus points for that. I'm quite glad I'm part of it. Anyway, Agatha and I decided to help with the other songs. Choreography with a pop ballroom. How on earth will you manage that? Our head wanted to have a ballroom seen where the prince will be introduced with the princesses. "Kutilyon" WOW! I remember my JS prom. I suggested we try the "Way you make me feel" by the STEPS. I love that group, 90's baby of course. If you haven't seen them you can search their channel on Youtube. Moving on, we practically made it possible for almost 5days preparation. I'M SO PROUD OF THE DANCERS THAT TIME BECAUSE THEY HAVE EXECUTED EVERY STEP WITH THE BEAT AND COUNTING. The stage fright was another risk factor but I'm still glad how it turned out to be just fine. Here's a video of that dance, thank you Agatha for making the steps bearable for our dancers. Wouldn't made it until the end kung ako lang, kasi nakakabaliw maging exacting choreographer.

GAWD!! I still have the chills seeing this video. I mean, teaching that huge number of dancers (at a short time frame) and pointing our each beat has a corresponding count. WOW! I'm still at awe. This year, I decided to just work off stage because of the tiring experience I had during last year's event. I'm assigned to the Hair, Make-Up and Costume Committee. It was quite good because we only have to be busy a day before the event. Here's my Costume Committee / Make up and Hair artists.
(Left to Right: Jana, Japa, KC, me, Agatha, Alyssa)
I love these girls, they made my life easier! I was also a treasurer so it's kinda toxic for me to handle the committee but they all made it work! *Let's give them a round of applause!* This post was actually dedicated to thanking my committee! OK, now I'm going to post my first ever make up creation to our batch representative, Rose. Definitely the QUEEN of 2015.
The above picture, I was told right then and there (that day of the photoshoot) that I would do her make up. I was shocked because I have never tried doing make up on other people so I was LITERALLY SCARED that it'll look horrible. Gladly, it turned out ok so I have no regrets.
In this picture, I was again shocked because I thought I just received a text message late telling me that I'll be doing Rose' make-up. Which made me confused because I already did make-up a day ago. I was so glad it also turned out fine and I love how the eye make up showed here.
That's practically it.  I just want to show you 2 of my first ever creation. I hope to do more to improve my skills on applying make up on other people. Anyway, thank you for reading and till next time! ;)


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