Monday, September 17, 2012

Celebrating my birthday

Practically, since it's a school day, my birthday isn't much different from my usual school days. Unfortunately, we had an exam so I wasn't so psyched about that either. Anyway, I still enjoyed my birthday or the least of it. I got to take a power nap, ate a huge pizza, got a gift from bro (a large pillow) and a gift from my parents (a necklace).
Oops, let's not forget that I also had a chocolate cake which my brother and I enjoyed while watching THE WALKING DEAD. OMG! The chocolate looks a lot like the prosthetics on the walkers (aka zombies). You should watch it too, let's take a moment to appreciate my brother and I's facial expression.
If you love playing Left for Dead or L4D as we call it, you would definitely enjoy this TV series. And it's just on season 3! More time to catch up. Anyway, let me know what you usually do during your birthday. Thanks for reading, till next time! ;)


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