Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Your Highness, Princess Amy

Dearest readers. Did you know that I love communicating with you? Especially when you leave comments in some of my blogposs. And whenever I gain a follower (you can follow me thru the Join this site button at the left side of the page whether you have a twitter or just an email) my heart skips a beat *quoting the movie: No Strings Attached* ;)

Anyway, moving on to what I'm suppose to talk about in this blogpost. She's a reader of my blog, Princess Amy and I just found out about it a week ago. I thought she was another blogger who also loves make up and would just like to make friends thru Facebook. Her creations are so amazing, I was just quite shy to talk to her about it at first. Look at this!

I mean, who wouldn't be amazed at her talent to create looks that are equally bold, creative and beautiful. So when she posted a status asking who wanted to be a model for her make up creations, I immediately posted a comment presenting myself. Then I was shocked to know that she was a reader and she is reading my blogposts and she learned about Unico Moda thru my blog. That was really a heartfelt experience. I was totally speechless. Anyway, I just wanted to thank her for her time to read my blog. And I would like to share her creations to the other readers.
Here's a make up that can be worn everyday. I love pink, y'all know that!
There's pink so, it is immediately on my LIKE list. ;)
The following pictures are her creative make ups that will leave you in awe.
this actually scared the crap outta me... ;-l
This is my personal pick, I was like: da eff?! how on earth did you achieve this? Anyway, it looks so amazing it gives me the chills. ;)
See how her hands work in different ways? I encouraged her to blog because I know more people will appreciate her works. If in case you wanted to get in contact with her, just click the link of her name Princess Amy at the 2nd paragraph of this post. Thank you for your time reading! ;)


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