Sunday, September 23, 2012

Face of the Day: Red Lipstick

I always wanted to try RED LIPSTICK, but I always end up topping it with a baby pink lip stain just to decrease the brightness of the red color. Some people say, less is more. Let's take a moment to appreciate the red lipstick. And please, let's stick to that one because I don't have much make up on. I just swiped on a red lipstick and took a picture.
Does anyone of you noticed that my eyelids are not proportionate? Look, my right eyelid lags lower than my left one. How would I notice? It's because whenever I line my eyes with a pencil liner on my right eyelid, I tend to have a fake crease. This is due to the lids that always came on close contact with my lashes. Anyway, enough of that blabber. What do you think of the red lipstick? Thank you for reading, till next time! ;)


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