Saturday, September 22, 2012

Rainbow Colored Stethoscope

As a med student, having a great quality stethoscope is a necessity. My classmates call it a great investment. I asked my dad to buy me one because my ever durable and trusted ALPK stethoscope has to retire because it already served me since 2007. Yes, having a good quality stethoscope helped me in achieving great skills as a nurse. From simple taking vital signs, from counting a fetal to a neonate heartbeat, auscultating adventitious lung sounds and even hyperactive bowel sounds. Yes, it takes practice. Its not just having a high end equipments, skills to be developed are also important. For me, I'm still trying to practice counting fetal heartbeat. For me, it's the hardest.  I feel like I'm counting the revolution per minute of a running car's tires.
Here's my very own baby.. <3

Dad got me a burgundy colored Littman Stet, I told him that any color would do but if he finds a PINK one, I'd be so glad about that. Anyway, dad said that it's just a Classic one and it's the only color he sees every store he went to. I said that it'll be ok. Ako yung tipo ng anak na di humihingi ng kung anu-ano at mas madalas kung hihingi eh ung kasya lang sa budget, di naman kasi ako maluho. That's why I keep on discovering great make up products at affordable prices. I have talked too much haven't I? Anyway, I would just like to show you that one of my classmates had a rainbow colored Littman stethoscope. OMG! It's so cute, just take a look at it.
That's actually what I wanted you all to see, the rainbow colored, copper plated Littman Stethoscope. Oh hail the colorful equipment! Thank you so much for reading, pardon the overly long introduction. Till next time! ;)


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