Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Under the SuperMoon

Last night, I saw the moon so big and it's colored yellowish-orange. I took a picture of it just for me to have a souvenir of how cool it look like that night. My shot wasn't that good but I can still remember the beauty of it last night.

And because my tooth aches like crap, I decided to have some ice cream just to numb the area. I had cookies and cream while watching American Pie 1 and 2. A little later my dog, Strike, suddenly makes funny noises and giving me puppy eyes just so he can have some ice cream. I took a saucer and placed a spoonful of ice cream and gave it to him. He actually loved it. He had almost 5 spoonfuls of ice cream from my cup. He just stopped when I showed him that there wasn't anything left on my cup, he then walked it off.

About the movie American Pie, I just started watching it because Alvin told me to. Besides, whenever I call him I can't talk to him properly. Why? He stops then laughs then asked me what I've just said. I later found out that he's busy with American Pie sequels and he can't wait for the American Pie reunion movie. That's why I decided to watch it. What can I say? I enjoyed the movie that's why I'm gonna start where I've left off yesterday. So I'm done with American Pie 1 and 2, I'll be starting on American Pie 3 while trying to fit in Pathology. Yes, I'm that boring. I haven't even been near to a beach or a pool this whole summer vacation. Boo! Mom and Dad doesn't have time, money is quite a problem also because we're trying to finish our house after a year. Anyway, I still love my family. ;)


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