Wednesday, May 9, 2012

EVER BILENA Pro Longwear Loose Powder

I always wanted to mention Ever Bilena Cosmetics, I've been using them for years now. This Pro Longwear Loose Powder in Natural color is the one I got when we had our JFT production at school. There are a lot of unused make up that was left that day so I decided to just bring them home. The janitor will be throwing them away because he's cleaning the dressing room when I found the make up. Anyway, let's talk about the product. The package is just a small container with a built in retractable brush at the cover. I don't use the brush because it's kind of stiffer than the brush on my toothbrush so it hurts when I tried it on my face. I just use my own powder brush when applying this.

It stands up to its name Pro Longwear because I used it in the morning and I still had it up until lunch time. For a loose powder that's quite a staying power. I use it over foundation, concealer or BB cream and it blends well to my skin with any of it. It also doesn't feel heavy when you applied it, feels like you just used a baby powder but it works like a pressed powder. It is good for on the go when you don't have this to use a pressed powder, just used a brush with this product and glide it over your face, and it gives light to medium cover. I hope you find this informative, I've love this product and hope that you'll also try this. Here's what it looks like, on the left side is the powder form and on the right side of my arm is when I blended it. See how you can barely see the product when blended out? And compared to the left side, you even can't notice that the pores are less noticeable on the right side. Light to medium coverage! ;)

Here's the link for:
Ever Bilena Website
Ever Bilena on Facebook


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