Thursday, April 19, 2012

Trying something new

Today I tried the make up mom & I bought from Manila. What do you think?

And I also got a new battery for my Acer Ferrari because the old one was malfunctioning to the point it isn't charging anymore. I got the new one for P5,500 from the Acer Service Center at Paco, Manila. How did I get there? From   Pasay, we rode LRT 1 going to UN ave with P12 as fare. There is a tricycle terminal beside Mcdonalds just below the UN ave LRT station. You have to ride the tricycle to get to Paco.

Another new dog, but my dad didn't like it because we already have our dog. Besides (quote my dad), we have to go to school so how are we suppose to take care of this little thing? Awww.. he's just super cute and we named him Lucky. Something we got from puppy names on the internet. A friend of our dad adopted him from us and promised to take good care of it. Besides, he wants his kid to have a playmate. ;)


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