Thursday, April 19, 2012

New of Brushes and Make up

Yesterday, mom & I wen to Manila bought a set of brushes, eyeshadow palette and a lipstick..

The Bobbi Brown Brush set is made of goat fibers so it is literally softer than synthetic brushes I've used. It has a bronze colored with leathery satin finish pouch that makes it easier to carry and organized when travelling. The Brush set came with:
*eyebrow comb & brushes
*gel liner
*1 angled liner brush
*2 angled eyeshadow brushes
*4 eyeshadow brushes (different sizes)
*shadow sponge applicator
*fan brush
*lipstick applicator
*concealer applicator
*contour brush
*blush brush
*kabuki brush

We also bought just a generic type of eyeshadow palette with shimmery colors. It has a white, pink, blue, gold, bronze, silver and black. These are highly pigmented, a bit of these goes a long way.

We also bought a lipstick from Lancome, and it is in bright red color. I wonder if this is the same color as Emma Watson had in Rouge in Love commercial of Lancome. You can youtube search it. ;)

Finally I want to show you what make up I wore that day. Just a simple neutral look with a light pink lipstick.

or one close up look!


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