Monday, August 19, 2013

I have been scared...

I have been scared a lot of time. Some of them because of unreasonable things like cockroaches and ghosts, but most of the time I've been scared of failing. When I was in college, I mean undergraduate (Nursing), I have been scared of Anatomy because I rarely pass quizzes I barely make it to the passing grade during exams and I'm really finding it hard to memorize. I think maybe because all of this are too NEW for my brain to ingest.

I don't know why the basics always hit me as hard as always. I was so scared of failing that time, I would always go to the chapel and pray. Thank God, I made it through. This time, med-school is also giving me a hard time. This time I have an idea why. I think I'm burned out. Like this dog right here!
Maybe I need a rest, or a vacation or just a long sleep and a massage. OMG! I'm so inlove with my bed. How could I be torn from it. Almost every other week we have exams. A lot of them that resting for a weekend is a sin. I just can't. I need a push. Maybe time to give God a call.


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