Monday, August 26, 2013

Early Growth Sprout

As a kid, I was one of the tallest girls. During elementary days, I would be at the back of the line because I am indeed tall. The guys on my class were just shorter, I was one of the kids who had an early growth sprout. The explanation behind this is that, girls usually have earlier puberty than boys. That's why they grow taller earlier. Another explanation is that the epiphyseal plate close earlier in girls.
On the left was my picture when I was in Grade 6, on the right is my current picture! OMG! That shirt is definitely durable. at hindi na ako lumaki!!! Pardon the short hair, I was having a bad scalp condition those days that my dad decided to cut my long hair. Besides he said that I'm addicted to the TV series CHARMED where Phoebe had a pixie cut. Bad example! Anyway, do you have these clothes that you still wear even after a long time had passed?


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