Friday, August 30, 2013

ASSAM Milk Tea

And yes! After a long hiatus, I am indeed back with a post about a milk tea. I just found this because of a friend who suggested it to me. Why do people suggest different milk teas to me? It's because I'm addicted to milk teas and I've decided to try different ones and share my thoughts about it here. Ok, now let's start with the packaging. Since I just bought it in a convenience store, it is in a plastic bottle. The taste? It's very similar to the Lipton Milk tea. I can't even describe it more because for me the taste is really the same.
It doesn't have jellies or pearls which made me sad. Awww. I was really expecting pearls or jellies on each milk tea I try. Anyway, I bought this at 7-11 for 45php. So I think you can grab this at any convenience store or at the supermarket. If you have tried this, let me know what you think in the information box below. Thank you for your time.


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