Monday, June 17, 2013

MAYBELLINE Baby Skin Pore Eraser

I have incredible large pores. I mean it. You can see my pores from 2feet away from me. I can't do anything to cover it because it is really difficult to do so. What I do is I just reduce to a less noticeable size with the help of my usual BB cream. That's why I love the BB cream. And I have learned some way  on applying it to make my pores less visible. And that is all about reading. Anyway, let's move on.
Makes your skin poreless, baby smooth, lightweight and breathable.
This 22ml tube is worth 299pesos and is available in SM malls Watsons. You know Watsons, this is the place for make up drugstore.
This product claims to instantly erase pores, imperfections, lines and creases. It'll make your skin look instantly transformed into a perfect smooth canvas. As the box says, it keeps the skin shine free, even and baby smooth. The secret? The cherry extracts that is known for their antioxidant properties. Ok enough with the intro of the product. I love that it is a squeeze tube and it just delivers right amount of product. And it is sanitary, no mess!
The translucent gel melts into the skin. It can be applied all over the face or on concerned areas. It is also suitable for all skin tone and types. It does not clog pores so no worries that it'll cause breakouts. Here's a sample of the application of this product. Notice that it reduces the pores dramatically. It works great on small pores but large ones like mine, they don't do anything. That's how large my pores on the sides of my nose are. The pore on my T-zone and chin area can be tamed with this nonetheless.
So now, I use this as a make up primer. And yes, as a primer it works really great! It kept my make up stayed on for almost 8hours (9am-5pm). But the shine, I was shine free for until 3 hours after application. I have doubts repurchasing this product because it doesn't work great as a pore eraser for me. Have you tried this one? Let me know in the comment box below. Thank you for your time! ;)


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