Wednesday, June 19, 2013

CASE: Constant losing of balance

This case is rare and I just watched it on TV. Might as well, share it with you. The story of this is known worldwide because of the girl's literature.

Patient was a high school sophomore, she plays basketball and a varsity in their college. One day, she fell on her face. No scratches on her arms or hands indicating her support to break the fall. After that incident, she they usually trips and falls on her knees. That made her mother worry and brought her to the hospital for a medical work up. The CT Scan revealed that the cerebellum was decreased in size than a normal individual her age. The doctor talked to the patient into writing a diary just so the doctor would know what happens with her when she's not in the hospital.

Within the next few months, her condition continued to deteriorate. First she began having trouble walking. Then she accidentally been choked on her own food. And then she had difficulty talking then breathing. She continued to write on her diary even if she had difficulty holding a pen. She was soon placed in a hospice care facility. After a few years, she spent lying on the bed until her breathing stopped.



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