Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sir Chief

I haven't paid much attention to the teleserye "Be Careful with my Heart" of ABS-CBN because of all the school stuff I'm burying myself into. Almost all of the people I know kept squealing about it, fangirl-ing in every moment you engage them in a conversation. It's always like: Hey have you seen the latest episode of Be careful with my Heart? And the response will always start with:
So after all the exams and school matters, I decided to take a peek on that. Then I was side-tracked because I'm so absorbed into reading Fifty Shades Trilogy. And last night I watched an episode because my brother is screaming and laughing like a girl, sobrang kinikilig eh!!! The episode is about Sir Chief and Maya talking about random stuff over the phone, and before Sir Chief hung up he said "I Love you" and instantly Maya replied "I love you". And right after that, Maya was shocked why she said that. And there it is, the kilig just hit me and I was like:
I suggest you watch this. I'm not kidding, it is really good. Kung naghahanap ka ng kilig factor, ito na ang teleserye para sayo. Wag ka mag alala, hindi lang ito para sa mga katulong. ;)


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