Friday, May 3, 2013


Oh yes! Another Milk tea post!!! Yes, this is the first time I have tried Chatime. Why? It's because I haven't seen a store of this within Cavite. Anyway, I'm still glad I've found this one and tried it. They have a store located at Landmark Trinoma near the Mindanao Ave entrance, in front of Landmark Supermarket, lower ground floor. And now, moving on to the milk tea at hand!

I was excited to try this one (oh well, like every new milk tea I've tried). Anyway, for the milk tea I ordered which is the best seller the cashier says is the "Pearl Milk tea". This is I think the original without any added flavor, you know I might have gone caramel if there was a choice. For the choices, they have 
  • Mellow milk teas = which is all about milk tea
  • Smoothie series = as the name implies, yummy fruits are included
  • QQ Jelly =  more on the usual tea and milk teas with JELLY
  • Energetic Healthy Juice = freshly made from fruit juices
  • Fresh tea = good old tea, hmmm-mmm
  • Chatime Special Mix = Green tea mixed with fruits or yoghurts
  • Chatime Mousse = name implies. (I haven't tried mousse everrrr)
  • Oriental Pop Tea = when you read the teas in this list, please prevent yourself from having some nose bleed
  • Coffee = and yes, they also serve coffee!!!
The price range from 55-100pesos. And they have the usual add-ons like most milk tea stores I've been to. They have pearls, grass jelly and pudding for 15pesos each. They also have mousse, coffee jelly, coconut jelly, rainbow jelly, red bean and aloe vera for 20pesos each.
I love how you can choose how much ice you want and how much sugar you want. They also serve it hot if you want. They have this little beeper that lights us when your order is ready for pick up, no waiting in line! Genius! Anyway, have you tried this one? let me know what I should try next on the comment box below! Thanks for your time! ;)


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