Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Overused Senses

Election is just around the corner, and the jingles of different candidates are booming around town. They range from Lady gaga (poker face), Nicki Minaj (super bass), Black Eyed Peas (Bebot), Willie Revillame, Marian Rivera and Carly Rae Jepsen (Call me maybe) which are changed into lyrics that says "iboto ang ating kandidato". I was so pissed one time because I was studying for PHARMA, which for me is a really hard subject, and then suddenly a loud music stops in front of our house. I can't believe it. They have to stop for 30mins in front of our house just to place that song. DI KITA IBOBOTO, SINISIRA MO PAG AARAL KO!!! The campaign period here in our place for me looks like a riot. The campaign materials is a mess, there is a place in our barangay which is a part of a depressed area. There are a lot of indigent people within this area and I think they would benefit if the candidate will visit them. Oh well maybe not just visit. If they get elected, I hope they really do something to help the society.

Another thing I hate during campaign period is when the official tend to destroy a normal road and repair it all over again. I mean what's wrong with it to start with. An elder told me that officials really does that to catch up with all the expenses they have corrupted over the years they are in position. Now I know, oh well. Nothing beats a closed minded individual without a sense of sight to see the reality of life and sense of hearing to listen to the cry of people. This cycle goes on foerever.
I would also like to mention, POLITICAL DYNASTY. Talamak ito mula sa pinakamataas na pwesto hanggang sa pinaka mababang posisyon. We see it every election. In an area, there are at least 3 relatives running for different positions in the givernement. Let's take for example the name Joson, for as long as I can remember (maybe I was in elementary) they have been in the government of Nueva Ecija. Imus, Cavite known for the Revilla clan. Another is the YELLOW RIBBON, no other explanation needed because it's quite obvious. When we went to Baler, the posters were shouting Angara in almost every position mentioned. Wow! Are we back to the old times where there is a Datu / King and only his bloodlines will be able reign the nation?
My EYES see the truth, my EARS hear your voices but my NOSE can smell the rotten speeches from your MOUTH. I hope you find something worth your time.


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