Monday, April 22, 2013


I have been loving Unico Moda for a long time and almost all of my friends love it too! If you haven't liked their page on facebook, you should click the name above and LIKE their page! I know you'll find something you'll like because they have a wide range of products in store. Plus they also opened a new online store La Unico Moda, in which they sell shirts, dresses, accessories and SWIM WEAR. If you want to be fashionable this summer, this is the page to visit! Ok, let's move on to the product I'm suppose to talk about. It's another retractable brush.
I would have gotten the black one, but they are out of stock and this one is available. I got it for 150pesos. And I tell you, it's worth it. The brush is dense, the fibers are super soft, can be carried anywhere and fit any kikay kit and it is easy to clean. And after several time of washing / cleaning this brush, it still remains soft as new! I have nothing against it. So if you want to have this brush, please click the link above, LIKE the page and order your own retractable brush. You will not regret it.


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