Thursday, March 14, 2013


YES! Another blog post about a milk tea!! It is because I love trying different milk teas. Either it's freshly brewed or instant (which may come in can or tetra packs) I have to try it and compare with the ones I've tried. And for the sole reason that I want you all to know how it would have tasted. If you want to try them, I always leave info on where to find these milk teas.
Moving on to the star of this post. THAI TEA. I just found out about this milk tea because of a friend of mine who introduced it to me, saying: "I know you love milk tea and I think you would want to try this one." So here it goes.

Oops, sorry for the cropped photo. I just got this from PJ, that day he introduced me to this one. 

First of all, I would like to mention that this milk tea in can is kinda HUGE. You know the regular size of soda in can? Uhmmm... The size of this is about 1 and a half can of a soda. Better comparison is that if ever you get to buy Monster energy drink, it's in the same can size as this one. Next one is that this milk tea is nicely blended with soy. I mean it, it is delicious! It's insanely good and gives a nice twist on a regular milk tea. The downside of this drink is that it should be served chilled. It doesn't taste good if it's warm or not even chilled. You can buy this in 7eleven stores and costs for 45 pesos, but I think it's already 51 pesos the last I checked. Anyway, once you get to taste this let me know and leave a comment on the box below. Thanks for reading and till next time! ;)


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