Monday, March 18, 2013

MAYBELLINE Baby Lips Color

Remember that I told you about the exchange gift I had last Christmas, here's another gift I got. Maybelline Baby Lips Color in Rose Addict. I am literally addicted to lip balms because my lips get easily dried up. And when they become dry, they get chapped. I have a habit of biting my lips to the point of peeling of its skin. Sometimes when I'm anxious, I unconsciously start peeling the skin of my lip then bite it off. It even comes to a time I'll taste blood, that's when I'll stop. That habit signals my body that I'm anxious, so instead of fidgetting or walking in circles, I bite my lips. Ok enough of that, let's talk about the new product I'm trying.
Ok so this product claims to:
*Exclusive lip renew formula
*Protects and moisturize for almost 8hours
*After 1 week, lips are visibly renewed
So I decided to give it a try. Here's a shot of my before and after application. Pardon the lips, it's not that perfect as the ones seen on magazines
So far, I like it. It's not that sticky, I like the faint fragrance and I like the slight tint it gives on my lips. It's like they're natural and they are in gorgeous color. I tried wearing it before going to bed and when I woke up, I could still feel a light cover of the lipbalm on my lips. I love feeling of having to touch my lips and not feel any cracks. I'll have another review on this after a few weeks. Have you tried this product? Leave a comment below. Thank you for reading and till next time! :)


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