Tuesday, March 26, 2013

QUIA memories

I remember the day when our professors decided to give huge amount of extra points when you get to finish quia, so you guessed it right. Kinarir ko ang quia na kahit madaling araw eh ginagawa ko, matapos lang at magka extra points!! It gets me pissed sometimes because whenever I'm at the middle of a long quiz (like GIT), the internet decides to slow down and eventually die. 
And I feel like:
 QUIA is an online quiz about anatomy and histology, so you really need a good (uninterrupted & fast) internet connection to be able to accomplish this on time. I decided to talk about this because I heard some 1st year med students talking about trying to finish 1 quia. And may I quote a friend of mine who also heard them, he said "Been there, done that." Gawd! Buti na lang natapos ko yun. Grabehan lang talaga,..


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