Thursday, March 28, 2013

CHA-AH! Milk Tea

Cha-Ah! Clever name for a milk tea. I actually don't know how to react to this name when I first saw it. And since it's a holy week, eating healthy is a must. Pardon the photobombing of the Quaker oaties cookies. It's another yummy healthy food. You know, the usual no meat and no unhealthy food week. What do you usually have during holy week? If you have read my blog posts, I really love milk teas and I like it when it has a caramel kick into it. I love my tea sweet that's why whenever I try new milk tea, I make it sure that the one I'm getting has caramel in it. Sorry for being a sweet tooth but I can't help it. And whenever I'm asked what is the sugar percentage, I always have mine in 100% sugar. YUMMY!
This Milk tea is kinda new to me. I mean, the usual tea that has a very mild taste to it that it almost tastes like water with a bit of flavor (that's how I can describe this one.) It doesn't have much taste into it. The caramel can't be easily isolated from the bland taste of this one, as for the taste of the milk tea. Nah! I don't like it that much and like I said I try different kinds of milk tea just to compare them. Anyway, have you tried this one? Let me know what you think in the comment box below. Thanks for your time! ;)


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