Monday, March 25, 2013

I BELIEVE: Upgrade the Beauty Routine

When I was starting to use make up, I don't actually have any idea about them. I just know that they are used on certain parts of the face like face powder, eye shadow, lipstick and the like. I also had no idea that these make up should be thrown out after it's certain amount of storage time. Let's say for example, lipsticks, mascara, foundation & concealers and the like should be disposed after around 6 months. These liquid / cream like products harbor bacterias more rapidly than other products. Eyeshadow, blushes and powder should be disposed after a year. You don't want to be using this for more than a year. Anything that's old should be thrown out, you only want the best for your skin.  And remember, if the product changes color, smells bad and has changed the consistency, it's a sign that you must throw it out. I hope this helps people in gaining more knowledge about make up! If you have any more tips please let me know in the comment box below. Thank you for reading & till next time! ;)


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