Thursday, October 4, 2012

Party before September Ends

This post would rather be short, I guess? Like I told you, Agatha and I are September babies. That's why when we had a blowout, SABAY!! Mas tipid kapag may kasabay ka manlibre eh! ;)
We had dinner at Shakeys where the Crew even sang a birthday song for us. Isa lang masasabi ko, BUSOG!!!  I was so full that night I can't resist sleeping whenever I feel a soft cushion on my back.

The chocolate cake was from the gelz. We were quite shocked that the gelz actually requested the word gelz to be placed at the cake after the dedication. How sweet of them. We were actually expecting it to be TMC, but it's ok.
We had some Carbonara, 2 pizzas (pepperoni & manager's choice), bucket of mojos and some chicken. I couldn't ask for more. We can't even finish the whole cake because all of us are FULL. I love the taste of the chicken and the carbonara and the mojos and the pizza. Well, practically all of it.
And can we please take a moment to appreciate the signature look of the gelZ. I have no idea how did they came up with this, but this picture is funny. Look at how they face different positions.
And now for some family picture!!! ;))
This picture was supposed to be a FORMAL SHOT because the gelz told us to smile at our best and have some FORMAL posture. It was just as I got my camera when I saw what they did behind our backs! Anyway, we still love these guys and would never trade them for anyone. Do you have guy friends like these, who treats you like uhmmm..? No words can describe how they treat us. Thank you for reading and till next time! ;)


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