Sunday, October 28, 2012

MixWell Cafe

As a med student, I have to keep awake even in the wee hours of the morning just to study. It is typical for a med student to be addicted to caffeine, it's actually their best buddy. Why? Caffeine keeps you awake. That's why when doing an EEG / electroencephalogram (a test which uses some electrodes attached to your scalp to monitor your brainwaves) we avoid giving the patient coffee or cola or chocolate or even coffee flavored biscuits. These substances keep the patient awake, in EEG we need the patient to be asleep in order to monitor for abnormal brainwaves. Well, enough of that medical talk, here's the product I'm introducing you.

Yup, you read it right! 8 in 1 coffee. Our usual coffee consists of the usual coffee beans which are powdered, a bit of cream and sugar and sometimes some artificial flavor just to make it hit on the market. Flavors like having it chocolate or anything under the sun that would make the coffee taste different. So what does the 8 in 1 mean in this coffee? Besides from the 
1. Pure Coffee mix, no coffee is a great coffee without pure coffee. Get it?
2. Creamer, which literally makes it creamy.
3. Mocha mix, made it taste yummy! I love it
4. Brown Sugar, mom keeps on telling me to have brown sugar because it is healthier than the white one or what they call refined.
5. Extracts from Agaricus Blazei Murill, these compounds are effective in boosting the immune system. Acting more like a vitamin right?
6. Spirulina, this contains complete vegetable proteins needed by your body. Remember the Go, Grow and Glow when you were in grade school? This one is the Glow. Vegetables do you good, remember that!
7. Moringa,  malunggay as we all know it. This is an ultimate energy booster, and malunggay has many other proven benefits. 
8. Ginseng, improve mental and physical performance. That's why many energy drinks have ginseng as an active in it.
For other health benefits, here are the list provided by the supplier:
I have tried it and it provided me with great effects. Besides the fact that I love the taste because of the mocha mix, the ginseng effect really kicks in whenever I needed it the most. it really boosts my mental and physical performance. Like when I kept on drinking it everyday, I noticed that I can walk for longer periods of time without getting tired easily. For the vegetable effect, you will never go wrong with it. I have regular bowel movements unlike before where I have to sit on the throne for a good few minutes. Oh well, enough of that restroom privacy. 

I would like you all to try this one and tell me what do you think. My friend Pam who is one of the owners of Unico Moda can be contacted for this product. If you love coffee, I'm quite sure you'll also love this one. Thank you for reading and till next time! ;)


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