Saturday, October 27, 2012

Wax Time with Strip It!

Sembreak is here, since I have nothing else to do here in this house besides watching reruns of Grey's Anatomy, House MD and The Walking Dead, I decided it's time to spend time waxing my legs. Oh yes! Remember that I have hairy legs that's why I have to keep them in a safe enclosed space. You know what I mean. Oh well anyway, let's see a before shot.

Oh, I purposely placed the Strip It! container there because that's the one I'll be using. I don't like shaving my legs. The hair that grows out after a few days after shaving comes a lot coarse. In case of waxing, you pull out the hair (a whole bunch of them all at the same time) from the the root. The hair that grows after will be thinner. You'll definitely notice it.

OMG! look at that leg full of hair! Don't worry about the redness and a bit of bumps after pulling the cloth. It'll subside, it's just the reaction of your skin from sudden pulling of hairs. I've been using Strip It a couple of times, mostly once every 3 months if my schedule permits. And I have nothing against it.
I love how my skin feels soft after waxing, still Mother Nature's work at it's best. It's sugar so no harm could be done that's why I love this product so much. Another thing is that they have instruction guide, spatula and cloths with the package so beginners will know what to do. Plus the box is cute, it's pink so it's in my LOVE list. I will be so happy if you hit the LIKE button of their page. If you have any questions here are the links:
Strip It! on Facebook
Strip It! on Multiply


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