Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Face of the Day: Bruise or Zombie

Since we are addicted to The Walking Dead TV series and Left for Dead PC game, I decided to try this look. I exactly have no idea what I'm doing because I'm trying out the make up look for zombie where they have deeply sunken dark circles and bloodshot eyes. I ended up looking  like someone punched me in the eye and instantly had a black eye. Our kasambahay was soooo amazed that when I told her that I'll be removing it immediately after showing them, she asked me to keep it and show it to dad telling him that my brother punched me. 
I just did my one eye and had a natural make up on the other. Nothing much to see here because I really have no idea what I'm doing. It turned out really good personally but not that grotesque in pictures.
Gray & Black eyeshadow on the circles of my eyes to create a sunken look
Bit of Red eyeshadow just to add some roar
Red liner on lower water line for bloodshot eyes look
All of these eyeshadow used are matte, you don't want to have a glittery or shimmery black eye.  It wouldn't look realistic that way. Also, I didn't have anything on my lips. That is naturally nude or bare lips. Here's another shot where I added some orange lipstick on the other half and nude one on the right side. I look like some crazy girl here. Joker?
And here's another shot where I totally opted for the orange lipstick because I feel like wearing it. No worries, it's just the one I posted on instagram. Well follow me @majorieann. Practically the same as my twitter and blogspot site. Tell me what do you think? Leave a comment in the box below. Thank you so much for reading and till next time. ;)


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