Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bibingkinitan All Year Round

Have anyone of you tried Bibingkinitan? Ok, let me rephrase. Have you tried a simple Bibingka that can be bought at the streets for around 10pesos usually during Christmas season with Puto Bungbong?  Well, you can now taste Bibingka anytime of the year because of Bibingkinitan! Look at the box, just in time for the Halloween.

I think the 20pesos per piece of Bibingka is really worth it. It's actually so delicious and the authentic taste of pinoy bibingka is infused in this handful palm-size delight. I remember having to wait for Christmas in our province in Nueva Ecija just to have a taste of bibingka where we always requested to have an egg mixed on it. So YUMMY!!
I'm just wondering why they don't include coco shreds in Bibingkinitan here because in our province coco shreds make the bibingka more delicious. Anyway, I still love this and would buy another box when I got the chance. Have you tried this? Let me know what do you think. Thank you for reading and till next time. ;)
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