Tuesday, October 16, 2012

4th Anniversary

This blogpost is just about Alvin and I having our 4th Anniversary. Well, that's just it. We have our ups and downs, I know. But neither one of us will move forward without the other. I actually can't explain how complicated our relationship has been, but I'm still glad we still ended up together. Even if we both have sky high pride where neither one of us backs down.
This isn't just about what I need or what I want or what others think of of our silly decisions. As long as we are making amends about things we fight over, we will keep this going. I just don't have a boyfriend, I have a bestfriend, a brother and partner in crime. Keeping everything light will hold you stronger. Let me know about your thoughts on this on the comment box below. Thank you for reading and till next time! ;)


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