Thursday, October 18, 2012

Addicted to The Walking Dead

We are soooooo addicted to The Walking Dead, we can't help but pose as walkers. By the way, season 3 will be up this October. We just can't wait! Seeing a katana as a weapon just gives me adrenaline rush. If you haven't seen this series, you've got to download it. Once you watch it, you will be just as excited as I am. Look how excited I am.
Adn I'm just gonna include a shot where me, Kc and Agatha try to achieve The-Walking-Dead poster look. Actually we just have our own version. And I think KC has the best look! IDOL!!!
Please watch it. And WARNING: this series contains gore and extensive adult brutal scenes, please be guided accordingly (ahahaha! exam lang?) Anyway, if you already know about this series, let me know some facts you already new about this in the comment box below. Thank you so much! ;)


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