Thursday, September 27, 2012

Why can't I stay in a Dorm?

I try to get the best out of me but sometimes fatigue just overpowers me and pulls me straight to bed. Maybe that's the reason why I want to stay in a dorm. You see, I live 30minutes away from school. The minutes I've traveled on my way home (which includes the hours that I need to be in line just to get on a jeep and the traffic I have to be in because almost everyone is excited to go home) should be the minutes I have slept or least taken a nap if I was in a dorm. I usually don't complain about commuting from home to school and back, the thing I just really hate is traffic.

Especially at times when I have to get home IMMEDIATELY because I need to review for the upcoming evaluation exam, my time on a jeep seems to run forever. My mom and dad won't let me be in a dorm because they think:

  1. I can commute from home to school and back
  2. Mas magastos daw mag dorm
  3. "Alam mo bang mas masarap humiga sa sariling kwarto at kama mo"
  4. I won't be able to study well because mapapabarkada daw ako
  5. I would get pregnant, uso daw kasi un sa mga naka dorm
  6. I would get robbed, di daw safe kahit saan
  7. Who would cook my food? Baka daw kung saan-saan na ako kumain
  8. Laundry will be a problem
  9. I would do drugs, smoke and die
  10. I would snap, be crazy, eat my books & transcription then die.

It is an endless explanation to my parents why I need to stay in a dorm. It's not that I don't want to go home and sleep in my own bed, I just need extra time to study. Commuting is such a hassle, even having a car would be a hassle because I have to think about gas, maintenance, tires, etc. I don't know what else to say. You see, I don't have to complain because they still give me the things I need at pinapaaral nila ako. So I guess, I just have to go with their rules, as I have always did for the past 23 years. Thank you for your time reading. ;)


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