Sunday, September 16, 2012

P50 plastic shoes

Did you know that I have a plastic doll shoes, in a pink color, worth 50pesos? And I have had these shoes for almost 4 years now. Yup, I know it's kinda cheap but I really like it because it's is comfy, durable and easy to clean. Well, that was just an intro of what I'm gonna be talking about today. Japa and KC bought shoes that are just like what I have described.
These kinds of shoes doesn't have a brand. Maybe that's why they are just soooooo affordable. Even Japa's sister asked her to buy her a pair like hers. These kind of shoes are seen beside the road and not usually inside a mall. You can't buy any shoes worth 50pesos inside a mall, trust me. Just look at the shoes, they range from plain to extremely cute designs and colors. Do you have these kinds of shoes? Let me know and post a photo. Thank you for reading, till next time! ;)


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