Friday, September 21, 2012

Organizing my Make Ups

Remember when I decided to arrange my vanity table? Yup, that was already arranged in a way it's easy for me to get a product I need. By that, I mean they are just lying on top of my desk like they are students roaming the school grounds. Why is it like that? It's because this table used to be my study table, but it is quite small for my med books now that weigh a thousand tons. Besides, my dad kept asking me why I'm using this table for studying because he had this table made for my kikay chorvaness. Here's the shot of my table a month ago.
And because of my make up lying on top of the table looking like a mess, mom decided to give me a small drawer to keep all this things in order. She bought a mini multi purpose drawer with 4 slots (I don't even have any idea if they are called slots).

Sorry about the poor quality of the picture, I just used my phone in taking that picture. I'm just excited to let you know about this cute thing. 
On the lowest drawer, I have my powders in. Pressed powder, foundation powder, loose powder, oil eliminating powder, contour powder and blush powders. I placed them there so that the fall outs from the powders won't have to drop to other drawers if I place them at the highest drawer.
On the 2nd to the lowest drawer, I had my collection of eyeshadow palette. Al shapes and sizes. I have a cream and powder eyeshadow. They come in duo or solo or multiple color palette.
On the 2nd from the top drawer, I have all types of liner there. I've got liquid, pencil, pen, gel and cream liner. I also had my eyeshadow primers there.
On the top drawer is FILLED WITH LIPSTICK. OMG! I didn't even know that these lipsticks are mine. Anyway, I love all of them. I placed them at the top because I open this drawer most frequently. 
Practically that's it. If you have suggestion for me on how to further organize my stuff please leave a comment at the comment box below. Thank you so much for your time reading! ;)


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