Thursday, September 20, 2012

Aging Booth

As you have read in my previous post, maybe a few posts ago, I wrote about my new tab. And because of that, it doesn't have any application in which I can bother myself with. So I decided to download some apps just to pass the time. oh my, I should be studying! And then I found the Aging Booth in the Android apps market. It's free so you can download it without a charge. Here's a sneek peek of the photos I have collected.

I just died laughing my heart out with the outcomes. The most memorable is Fritz' picture (lowermost left). He looks like he's really old and he's about to pass out while giving his last will and testament. You can view the full album here. GROW OLD WITH MED.
What this app does is that, whenever you take a your picture, you can change it to an older look. In which you end up looking like a grandparent of some kid. Here's a sample of Fritz together with his old age picture.
Enough of this, I just can't help but laugh looking at this picture. Even my mother won't stop laughing everytime she sees this. Crazy huh? Ypu should try this app and link me a picture of what you look like when you get old. Thank you for your time reading, till next time.. ;))


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