Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It doesn't fade

Most things have their own beauty, own personality, own significance. But most of these things, they usually fade if not taken care properly. And then we end up ignoring them. Same as how we take care of our loved ones, they have their own characteristics that makes then unique and would make them significant in our lives. Remember when you don't talk to a friend for a long time for reasons like you don't have the phone number or you just don't have the time to say hi, the connection between you two fade. You don't notice it but it really does fade and you become strangers to each other. I'm not exaggerating because this things really do happen.
Enough of the drama. Well this post is just about the ring I have which is almost 3 years now. Alvin and I bought our rings October 2009 for our first anniversary gift. This is from Filgrenasia which costs about 900pesos. I actually love this ring because IT DOESN'T FADE. Unlike some of the silver accessories, they tend to get dark or even loose the color of silver. Imagine the a cooking pan that gets scorn from scrubbing, the color is stripped off. That usually happens in most silver accessories. But this ring doesn't.
STERLING SILVER IT IS. It retains the color silver even when if I don't remove it when taking a bath. Within the span of almost 3 years, I just had it cleaned twice. If ever you are still thinking of an affordable silver accessories but wanted a long lasting beauty, visit FILGRENASIA for more details and wide variety of designs of different silver accessories. Thank you so much for reading and till next time. ;)


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