Thursday, August 30, 2012


KC and I spent a night at Agatha's house just to get ready for the hellweek. And before going home, we decided to have a swap review of our BB creams. If you want to read KC's post click: Encara BB cream The swap review. Anyway, let's move on with the one I'm tasked to review. The Etude House Precious Mineral BB cream.

This is the 2nd time I'm trying the Etude House BB cream because I forgot to have a review on that the last time. Anyway, here it is. It came with a pump to control the amount of product you dispense. I like it that way. It prevents any mess out and spilling the product all over the place.
Unlike the other BB creams I've tried like EnCara BB cream & The Face Shop Power Perfection BB cream which have a yellow undertone, this Etude House BB cream has a grey undertone which literally whitens my skin. As in noticeably white than my usual skintone.
Pardon my overly awkward face with no make up. I look like crap here and my eyebags are shouting for glory. Blemishes & pores are now visible within a feet away from me. Oops, look at that pimple reddening my chin. Well that was exaggerated but that's how I exactly look like without nothing on my face. And now for the application of the Etude BB cream without setting it in powder.
And please compare how it looked differently on both pictures. It looked really white but the problem areas that I have mentioned. No eyebags, pores, blemishes & pimples that are noticeable. I really like how it worked on my face. I had to set it with my Clean & Clear pressure powder in Natural just to make it look natural on me. And here is the final look.
Brown down my skin, added lipstick and a bit of blush and I'm good to go. It looks nice and I have nothing more against it. Etude House BB cream claims to whiten, anti-wrinkle & anti-darkening so I guess it's a great product if you have a pale skin. But if you have a morena or yellow skin tone like mine, I suggest you test other BB creams before buying them.
The picture above is taken 4-5hours after the application. OMG! Sorry for the oilyness, but that's how my skin reacts after a few hours of washing it. I say that this BB cream is not wearing off and it didn't oxidized, but also it's not advisable for oily type of skin. Just look at the shine on my forehead, cheeks, nose & chin, practically everywhere. I'm just glad it stayed on my face for hours & didn't go darker than my skin tone. If you want to have this BB cream, just got to your nearest Etude House at any Malls located near your place. Thank you for reading! ;)


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