Sunday, September 2, 2012

Alupihang Dagat

It's crazy how my parents love seafood so much unlike me and my brother who loves meat. I seldom eat seafood because I have an allergy to those. The worst allergic attack that happened to me is when I started to have bronchospasm (my airway contracted and I can't barely breath). I was in panic that time because I'm not on a medical field yet and I have no idea what was happening to me. Since then I limited my seafood intake to once or twice a week just to be safe.
Do you guys have any idea what is this? My mom said it is called Alupihang Dagat. She said that it tastes like shrimp and I should try it. Even though I don't want to, my mom insisted that I try one. And yes, it does tastes like shrimp. But I'm not in the mood for some seafood that day because I have my Munggo at chicharon for dinner. Tell me, have you tasted this kind of seafood? Leave it on the comment box belove, thank you for your time! ;)


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