Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bookstand for ME!!!

There are times that my neck hurts whenever I read hours and hours of book. And I don't just read, I write on it, I highlight and place post-its all over the place. So I bought a small bookstand a year ago, and it immediately gave up to my Clinical Anatomy book by Moore. Since I can't afford to buy a sturdy one, I became contented to just reading them on the table. And now that I'm a second year, I was shocked that my parents bought me a wooden bookstand! ;)
I'm so ecstatic to use it because I know it can support Pathology, Microbiology, Pharmacology and a lot more books that weigh more than a kilo. I'm not kidding, they are really heavy. Why? They are magazine type book which makes it heavier than paper. Mom and Dad bought this at National Bookstore at Festival Mall, Alabang when they had a meeting at The Mac store. Anyway, if you are also suffering from neck pains due to chronic reading and bad posture, you should have a bookstand. Thanks for reading and if you have anymore suggestions for me and for the readers, feel free to leave a comment below. ;)


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