Monday, July 23, 2012

White Hat Italian FroYo

I also love frozen yogurts. From Red Mango to Bon Chon's, I have no problem finishing a cup of a frozen yogurt all by myself. That's how much I love FroYos. Anyway, I lately tried White Hat because I ran into KC at that place one time and she asked me to try it. Of course, I wouldn't turn that down.
It was delicious. Do I need to say more? It is also healthy so it's a pleasure of not being guilty at the food you are ingesting. In case you didn't know, yogurt helps with your digestion and gastrointestinal mobility. So you won't have any problem with constipation while having FroYos. If you want to try it, they have a stall at the lower ground floor SM Dasma Annex. I'm sure you'll also love it. I'll be talking to you next time! ;)


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