Sunday, July 22, 2012

Let's get PHYSICAL

My cousins are learning tennis at a very young age. I even though that the racket itself is quite heavy, but when I tried swinging one it doesn't fell that heavy at all. Look at these 2 sibling of my Uncle Ses playing seriously with each other. I love how they both look at his picture.
I wonder why I'm not much into physical activities. I'd rather go sleep or read a book all day long that sweat. In case you want to know if I know any sports, I'm good at swimming, great at volleyball and fair enough in badminton. So if you want to play some sports with me, just hit me up. Please take note that before asking me on a game, ask if I had enough sleep and rest for the previous days because if not I'd be sleeping in the streets before reaching a certain court. Thank you for your time! ;)


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