Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Frapperific Milk Tea

I just discovered a deleicious milk tea at Robinsons Dasma. It's FRAPPERIFIC! At first I thought it was all about frappucino so I didn't bother check it. One day, I asked KC if we could try one frappe just to have a drink for our snack, but when I check out the menu, I was shocked to see that they are also selling milk teas. Here's a shot of their menu.

We ordered a power up or in other terms, large size. The first sip was so amazing. This milk tea is not the same with other milk teas I've tried. The taste of the tea overpowers the milk in a good way and you'll definitely love the taste of how they are blended in so well. It's not that sweet and the milk tastes just enough to complement the tea. The thing I was just shocked about is that, they don't have free pearls in it. Awww... Anyway, I still love it because the taste is infinite.
You should try it. They are located at the ground floor of Robinsons Dasma just infront of Bench. You can have a large drink for only 65 pesos. Affordable price, great taste, what more can you ask for? Check it out now! ;)


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