Thursday, July 5, 2012

TMC: Closer View

I just want to voice out my appreciation about the circle of friends I'm having right now. As far as I have known this circle, I've learned that different personalities complement each other. Let me tell you some cute moments that I keep in my memory and constantly relieve them with my friends.

1. We share drinks and don't care if it's from a guy or a girl
2. We take bits of food (usually lunch) from each other's plate without hard feelings and just ask them with a smile
3. We share coins
4. When we gather, no one is left out or has
5. We always take time to say goodbye before heading separate ways
6. We check on each other everyday, so we notice if someone is absent
7. We take time to help each other in studies
8. We lend time for chismisan
9. We treat each other as family
10. Never comes a day without GASPANGAN!!!
Agatha, I took your picture and placed it here. Jeffrey was not with us, maybe he's invisible. Anyway, take note of these guys, they are the best you'll ever have. The girls are just us. ;)


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